Personal Services

Life Mastery members provide services to individuals and to business clients

For Individuals we include several different life coaching programmes including the DreamBuilder and VisionPower programmes plus ‘Working With the Law’, ‘Into Your Genius’, ‘Brave Thinking’ and several others, according to the needs of the individual.

The personal therapies we offer include RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy), 5th Dimensional Healing, specialised Reiki treatments, and Angel Therapy.

We also offer coaching for individuals wanting to start their own business based on the ‘Personal Business Creation System’ which goes through the practicalities of setting up a personal business in full detail.

Business Services

For companies we offer a service to tackle the key issues of staff turnover, absenteeism, stress management and change management, both for specific issues when staff members change roles and for the issues raise by larger scale changes that companies make from time to time.

Business coaching and therapy is provided in an individual basis to managers and staff members. Occasionally working in groups is effective and helpful but at this ‘personal’ level cannot replace working with people on a one to one basis.

More information on all of this is obtainable through undertaking a consultation or strategy session with one of our principal coaches, therapists or Directors as appropriate