Laurie Traquair

About Laurie

Speaker, teacher and certified life coach, Laurie Traquair has been implementing the Transformational Success Principals for 7 years, helping others to increase their clarity, amplify their confidence and achieve their next level.

Her intense training and Life Mastery Certification was undertaken under the tutelage of the esteemed Mary Morrisey, at the Life Mastery Institute®: The Premier Life Coach Certification Company in the world. Leading to working with clients who have started businesses from scratch without any form of previous knowledge or skills and helping them to become successful, global brands.

Laurie specialises in helping entrepreneurs build their dreams, accelerate their results and create richer, more fulfilling lives. She also excels at running successful workshops and coaching programs specifically tailored for Women’s needs.

Do you dream of becoming a worldwide brand? Do you need someone to arm you with the tools tame that inner critic and have inner peace? Do you finally want to have the relationship you’ve always dreamed of?

Health, wealth and happiness; Laurie’s coaching programs can help you have it all.