Kathy Maslowski

Who is Kathy Maslowski?

Kathy Maslowski, owner of Bright Flower Therapies has been a therapist for over a decade. She is a heart centred difference maker and the specialist in her own trademarked 5th Dimensional Healing technique.

She has 2 grown up children and is actively responsible for two of her 4 grandchildren as a full time ‘mum’.

As a therapist Kathy really cares about people. She will ‘tune in’ to you, listen to what you have to say and then show you how and help you to heal and nurture yourself.

She is a lifelong student who is growing continually; and as she grows this enables her to help others to grow. She believes in walking the talk and leading by example.

Kathy loves making a difference in others’ lives and helping them to manifest their dreams. She would love to make the world a better place by living her purpose as a therapist, speaker, teacher and coach.

Kathy works with a Cancer Self Help Group as a 5th Dimensional Healer, which is effective in reducing the effects of chemotherapy, helping people to feel there is a life after diagnosis and that they are not alone. She has helped many people through educating them on the Spirit, Mind, and Body equation.

Kathy helps people feel great and whole on the inside through healing, and also uses Bach Flower Remedies to help in this process.

As a Life Mastery Institute certified ‘DreamBuilder’ Coach she also helps people identify and turn their dreams or visions into reality through this proven and highly successful personal and group coaching programme.

Specialising in in 5th Dimensional Healing, Holistic Therapies, Beauty, Life Coaching, Teaching and Mediumship; her certifications include the Diploma for Holistic Therapies, Kinesiology, Nutrition, Beauty (NVQ), different modalities of coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy. Kathy is a Member of the Guild of Holistic Therapists and a Founder Member of Life Mastery UK.

“Why I do what I do”

“I love helping people feel relaxed and tension free through different body massages. I help people with personal growth and help them to experience transformation in their life which gives them personal empowerment. I help others to shine.

I see greatness in everyone; we are more powerful than we know. I believe that the power breathing a person is far greater than any circumstance and condition they are facing and with support and a true system for success I can help any person who is willing to work with themselves and a support structure to move their lives forward to where they would love to be.

We have everything we need to achieve our dreams, I love helping people to empower themselves so that they can then heal from the inside out, so that they can live a life they love living.

I believe my greatest gift is my intuition and I want to inspire and empower others with the way I use it.

I am really interested in working with causes that create blockages, conditions and circumstances in a person or system, their habits, history, beliefs, and choices that are detrimental, so we can eliminate them or transform them to promote permanent healing.”

Here’s to your Dreams.”

5th Dimensional Healing

What is the ‘fifth dimension’?

You and I know about the three dimension, length, breadth and width, and possibly the fourth . . .

5th Dimensional Healing is about being the light within oneself, not depending on another human being, spiritual being or otherwise, for your own growth.

It’s about realizing the immense power of your own soul to take you where you want to go.

Up until now we have been living in the third dimension and healing has been 3dimensional by being grounded into the earth with the energy flowing through us which healers would then flow out to heal, protect and so fourth.

Right now, there is a 5th dimensional transition going on for the earth and for all of us. By working with the 5th dimension we empower ourselves by allowing the light to flow through us more fully.

5th Dimensional Healing is about being grounded in the heart, this brings a more peaceful feeling as we are not then picking up chaotic energy from the earth or the collective, as this can make us feel un – balanced, anxious, or just feel ‘off’

When we access, live & heal in the 5th dimension, we are evolving our energy, being the light in a direct and independent manner, and building an inner trust with ourselves.

As a result, not only does this uplift our selves, but it also gives the earth a very much needed lift as well and in turn helping humanity.

So, how does this work, and how can it help you?

Through my healing treatments I help you access the different multiple levels of your being to bring awareness and support, empowering you to heal your self.

Kathy Maslowski

07429 996201  –  kathy@brightflower.co.uk

D.I.P NVQ IIHHT MGHT MGBT. Mobile Treatments. CRB Checked. Certified Dream Builder Coach, Happiness Life Coach, Relationship Workshop Facilitator and Nutritional Therapist. PTTLS Teaching Certificate.

(5th Dimensional Healing is a Registered TradeMark of Kathy Maslowski and Bright Flower Therapies Ltd.)

Life Coaching Programmes

First Steps Coaching Course : This very effective 6 week course is designed week by week to help you understand where limiting beliefs come from & how you can change them, incorporates visualisation & abundance block clearing to help you get clear on & help you achieve your goals & visions for life.    One to one or group sessions – Includes certificate & learning materials

Dream Builder Coaching Course : A well developed and established 90 day programme, which has helped tens of thousands of people throughout the world discover and build the life they would love to live.

Holistic Therapies

Holistic Body Massage : This helps to give relaxation to over – worked and tired muscles, beneficial for Circulation, skin tone and removal of toxins in the body resulting in an overall feeling of well-being.

Therapeutic Body Massage : A deeper Massage with added techniques; which can incorporate Body Rocking, Lymph Drainage, (which is beneficial for clients who suffer with oedema) Stretches and Pressure points. This helps ease away any stress and strains of the body, leaving you revitalised.

Aromatherapy massage : This massage incorporates the use of 100% natural essential oils, helping to relieve any ailments the client may have, this is beneficial for a variety of conditions and promotes relaxing and self – healing.

Custom massage : Incorporates different body parts such as back and backs of legs or any areas that you feel stress the most.

Back Massage : Particularly good if you suffer with back pain or discomfort

Aroma Back Massage : Gives relaxation to muscles and help aid sleep        

Sports Massage : Concentrates on a particular area that is over worked

Indian Head Massage : This covers the Back, shoulders, neck, head and face, and is good for headaches, eye strain, neck tension, also helps improve circulation to the scalp, concentration, the relief of stress and creates a feeling of balance and calm

Holistic Facials : This incorporates a facial diagnosis followed with a cleanse, tone, scrub, face mask, followed with a relaxing and reviving facial massage that includes pressure points and neck stretches. This helps with any neck tension and headaches.

Reflexology : Stimulation of pressure points with the fingers and thumbs to the feet, this helps balance the whole body, providing relief of most conditions, helping you feel revitalised in energy, can help with sleep disturbances, stress and fatigue. Promotes relaxation bringing a sense of well-being.

Thai Foot Massage : An oriental treatment involving intense stretching of the joints of the hips and the use of pressure points to revive aching legs and feet. This is a deeply relaxing experience.   Loose shorts are to be worn.

Hand and Foot Massage : Ease any aches & pains with this lovely relaxing treatment.

Foot Pamper : Foot spa, scrub, foot masque with heated booties & massage

Hand Pamper : This is a relaxing & therapeutic treatment, which is good for earwax congestion and sinus trouble. Includes facial massage with drainage movements.

Bach Flower Remedies : Flower remedies can be used to help with any dis-ease or imbalance in the body. These essences have a gentle yet powerful way of healing the mind, body & soul, helping the client to feel at peace 

Energy Treatments

5th Dimensional Healing : This is healing with the universal life force that is around us, the therapist is the channel for the healing energy to flow through, to the areas you that need it most, thus leaving the mind, body & spirit balanced & at one with the self. You remain fully clothed throughout the treatment.

Chakra Balancing : This re-aligns the energy centres of your body using crystal/colour & healing You remain fully clothed throughout the treatment.                                           

Auras/Spiritual Art  : Drawn and Read/Spiritual Guidance     

Meditation session and learning different techniques              

Spiritual awareness sessions; you are shown how to connect with spirit and deliver a mediumistic message