Jo Alexis

Hi, I’m Jo Alexis and for over 14 years I have been a mentor, manager, coach, teacher and trainer supporting teens and adults to effectively navigate life’s challenges, in both their careers and personal lives. I am a qualified Youth and Community Worker, Teacher, DreamBuilder Life Coach, and co-founder of Life Mastery UK.

Having experienced a number of setbacks in all areas of my life, in one year, I began to ask myself a series of questions, which reignited my quest for my ife’s purpose through continued personal development. It is on this journey that I acquired tools and strategies which have helped me overcome many challenges, quickly and more effectively, and now use this in service of others, so that they can create a life that they would truly would love living!

My programmes aim to help people push past their fears and limitations by understanding the behaviour patterns which keep them stuck, and help them to identify a positive and healthier mindset to achieve better results in their health, wealth, careers, relationships and freedom.

Define, design & create the life of your dreams!

Define, design & create the life of your dreams!

I provide the tools necessary to empower you in creating an enriched life, full of passion, purpose
and endless possibilities.

As a personal development coach, I offer programmes and workshop that can transform your life.
These fun and interactive sessions can empower you with the right tools to enrich your health,
relationships, career, time and money freedom.

By providing proven strategies that enable you to live a life that you would truly love living, I can
support you with the following:

Get unstuck – Gain clarity on your vision – Breakthrough fears and limitations – Develop positive
success habits – Gain confidence in your abilities – Feel more empowered – Achieve greater results
So, if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, whether that’s feeling unfulfilled, wanting to
experience more prosperity and harmony, or wanting to achieve better results in any area of your
life, then one of my workshops or coaching programmes could be for you.

1:1 Coaching
Group coaching
Personal development workshops

For more information, or to book, please contact me Jo Alexis:
Tel: 07944 099 109


…I was unfocussed and lacking in direction, both professionally and personally.
Working with Jo has helped me achieve the best results ever, in a company I’ve been with for over
10 years! In addition, my relationships have also improved, and I’m so much happier.
I would recommend this course to anyone w ho feels they may be lacking in purpose and vision for
their life, and is willing to put in the work to transform…it’s worth it.
AC, West London

I can honestly say there was a ‘fog’ at the beginning, but now I have reached the end of the
programme the fog has lifted. This is in fact the beginning of my future journey.
My eyes have been opened for which I give huge accolade to my Life Coach, Jo Alexis, who
enabled me to tap into my inner me.
DL, West London

Very inspirational workshop led by Jo. She made it very fun and interactive which showed us
things that we could not imagine. I felt very inspired and positive at the end. Jo was very
forthcoming and vibrant, and certainly made the workshop one to attend again and again .
EH, West London

I found the session insightful, it has given me an extra push towards my goals/dreams.
The interaction exercises were all great as they were all relative and easy to take away and put
into practice. Thank you.
RM, West London