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“May you be truly happy, May you live in Peace, May you live in Love,

May you know the Power of Forgiveness,

May you know that your life has deep Meaning and good Purpose”

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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Membership of Life Mastery UK® is open to new members based in the UK and Europe in two categories

Life Mastery Institute certified DreamBuilder Coaches and Life Mastery Consultants

All other transformational life and business coaches, holistic therapists, lightworkers, and healers

What you get:

You will be provided with 2 pages on this website describing yourself and explaining what you do, links to your home website, regular webinars and Zoom meetups, access to useful resources and opportunities to promote your own activities.

LMI certified members are additionally entitled to use the Life Mastery UK® logo in their own marketing material, participate in LMUK sponsored events and have access to DreamBuilder coaching resources.

Membership is by invitation and selection in that there will be a ‘first come first served’ eligibility when there is more than one applicant in the same discipline in the same geographical area.

Investment is a one off joining fee of £97 to cover web set up costs, then :

For LMI certified coaches £16.97 per month or £197 per year and for non LMI members £14.97 per month or £177 per year

LMI certified coaches are also eligible for Life Membership at £797 (including joining fee). Life members’ participation in key events such as the Best You Expo will be subsidised by Life Mastery UK.

All figures include VAT. Details of how to apply will be available soon

LIFE MASTERY UK is operated and managed by Business Developments Limited

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01606 530891 (please leave a message and we’ll get back to you) 

07768 765432 (mobile) please voicemail or text with your name, organisation, number, and when you would like to be called back

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