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The most important thing I want you to know is that I am creating a global community – a community of beautiful souls!  A sacred space that supports you to consciously co-create with your baby and consciously parent your children, using  your intuition and leading from your heart so that you grow together in harmony and form a deep soul connection.  In my opinion and experience, this is THE most important gift you can give yourself and your family.

I have come to believe that pregnancy and parenthood is a sacred journey, and that birthing new life, a baby spirit that has been nurtured and nourished, by a mother who embraces the connection between mind, body and spirit is wondrous to behold.  It is my passion and calling to support women at this incredible time in their life.


I am Clare, CEO and founder of Beautiful Souls, and the Mastering your Mind-set  in Pregnancy Program.  I am a mum of two boys, a certified Life Mastery Dreambuilder Life Coach, Master Usui Reiki Healer and qualified teacher.  I have worked with and inspired parents and children for over 15 years as a teacher, healer and mentor and have written “How to have an Empowering and Sacred Pregnancy”.


You are embarking on the next phase of your life as you cross the threshold into parenthood. It’s exciting! But also a bit daunting too.

I became pregnant when I was working full-time in a pressurized environment, and, like you, I read up and prepared for bump, birth and baby. What a shock then when I was overwhelmed by post-natal depression after the birth of my son. I realised that I had no support in connecting with my baby before he was born; and that I was unable to follow my instinct to do what was best.

My deepest wish for you is for you to feel empowered, ready and resilient BEFORE you give birth so that you and your baby will have already bonded on a deep level.

Services : Beautiful Souls

The intention for the healing modalities I practise with both adults and children is to align our soul with our highest purpose for the greatest good to spark our purest potential. Through affirmations and inner meditation journeys,  I work with Divine intuition to release and heal hidden blocks and birth what wants to be born, so that we flourish.

Align and Cleanse with Chakra Healing

Open and re-balance your 7 chakras, clearing any clogged or blocked energy to allow it flow freely for your body to remain in a state of optimum health.

“I could feel the warmth on my feet, knees and face.  It was very relaxing; the crystals and music helped a lot and made me feel very calm.  I will definitely have Chakra Reiki healing again.”

Lauren J (Aged 16)

Return to Harmony and Balance with Reiki

Reunite Mind, Body and Spirit as you journey to wellness and wholeness, connecting to Source and bathing in Divine light.

“I have found my recent Reiki sessions very helpful and have gained a lot of strength as a result of my sessions with Clare.  She has made me feel safe and secure and I have found a sense of calm as I continue on my journey.”  Clare T

Trust, Surrender and Allow with Wasui™  Water Healing


Feel yourself totally relax as you float in water, literally carried by the Universal Life Source itself, surrendering to healing in this unique and wonderful experience.

“AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL. I had an hour and a half of bliss, floating in water and being held and healed. My baby – still in my belly – equally enjoyed it! I highly recommend Clare, and Wasui™ as a unique and wonderful treatment. She is a very calming and intuitive person, who makes you feel relaxed from the moment you meet her with her big smile and warm heart.”

Lissa D

Restore, Relax and Re-balance during Pregnancy

Enjoy restorative Reiki healing during any stage of pregnancy to reduce stress and exhaustion, release fears and form a deep soul connection with your baby.

“Wow! Until I relaxed during my restorative session with Clare, I didn’t realise just how much I needed the healing.  The baby kicked and responded to the warmth of Clare’s hands and I felt waves of emotion wash over me, leaving me feeling clearer and lighter afterwards.  I would highly recommend this treatment.  Thank you.”

Emma P


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping me to make this happen – you’ve been so incredibly supportive and I so couldn’t do this without you! You are a fantastic facilitator and what beautiful meditations. So so happy to have you and your gorgeous energy on board.”

Lissa, Faversham, Kent

“Wow! I could not believe how effective the session was that I had with Clare. In a very short space of time, I felt completely relaxed, centred and calm and was able to forget all about the stresses of the day. My tiredness lifted and I was able to think afterwards with clarity. Even a few days later my work colleagues noticed that I was performing more effectively and calmly, which actually rubbed off on the whole department. I cannot recommend Clare highly enough. Simply fabulous! Thank you.”

Julie, Tenterden, Kent

“Clare immediately put me at ease and was very calm. During her meditations, I hovered between sleep and consciousness and images of colour and wonderful experiences floated by as stress ebbed away. My breathing felt so deep that my whole body felt warm and nourished. Wonderful. Thank you.”

Nicola, Beckenham, Kent

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