Carol Coggan

I am Carol, Angel Therapist and Transformational Life Coach.

I am a certified Angel Card Reader, Life Mastery Dream Builder Life Coach and accredited EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner.

All of these therapies help people change their lives.

These therapies can be used independently or flowing from one to the other. They all use people’s energy and passion to make the changes and have that ‘light bulb’ moment of awareness. It is wonderful when this happens and a great privilege to take part in your journey.

Angel Therapy

Angel Card Readings

The Angels and Archangels are waiting for us to ask for spiritual guidance and help. Until we ask they cannot intervene. An Angel Card reading enables you to ask the Angels/Universe a question and receive a reply. Everybody has free will so it is up to you whether you choose to follow the guidance or help.

People seek readings for a variety of reasons. It can be when they have major questions, decisions or challenges in their lives or when they want a gentle pointer. Readings can often help confirm what you already know.

As an Angel Therapist and Transformational Life Coach I can offer further sessions specifically to look at the messages that are unique to you. To help you move forward in your future direction

Angel Workshops

I run workshops to enable you to

  • Get in touch with your Guardian Angels
  • Work with the Angels and Archangels and consider the signs from the Angels
  • Explore your energy centres. How to use them and how to protect yourself against negative energies
  • Explore and use the Spiritual Laws, specifically the Law of Attraction
  • Exploring loving relationships – using the love languages and spiritual techniques

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

Does life get too much? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you experience negative feelings that stop you from action, that keep you constricted and not in the flow of life? As an EFT practitioner I can show you some simple techniques to reduce these levels of negative emotion. The technique involves ‘tapping’ on the body’s energy meridian points and is based on an ancient Chinese therapy. This can help with headaches, stress, money worries, and clear any negative emotion that may be blocking you living your true self.

To learn more about how these therapies working with love and light can help you – follow the link to my website  or email me