Ben Coker

For longer than he cares to remember Ben has worked with organisations and individuals helping them develop and expand their vision of what they want to do with their life or business, bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be, and accelerate the achievement of their goals.

He has a friendly gravitas which comes partly from long experience but also from a lifelong commitment to learning and personal development.

Ben specialises in helping clients identify their vision and then clarifying where they are now and where they want to be and breaking these down into goals, targets plans and the actions needed to bring the vision into reality.

Clarity is key and resistance to realising a goal or vision is created by lack of clarity. Ben will help you achieve that clarity – the process is simple, but not always easy!

One of the ways in which a vision can be achieved is by creating a business that forms part of the vision and not having to rely on external sources for income. If you have a passion for something Ben will help you turn it into a self-sustaining business.

Ben has a wealth of experience in business creation, operations and development and is able to apply this wisdom to new businesses in all sectors and to businesses who wish to develop new income streams.

Ben has created, owned and run several small businesses in different sectors successfully developing them over typically a 10-year life cycle.

Ben has worked with major public sector companies helping improve internal information communication and business processes.

Qualified as a Master of Business Administration from the prestigious Warwick Business School, Ben is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

For 20 years as a tutor with Warwick Business School Ben helped MBA students understand and apply marketing strategy, information management, organisational behaviour and other aspects of operating a business.

Ben is closely associated with Peter Thomson International in the UK, is a graduate of the Life Mastery Institute and Elite Marketing Pro in the USA and is able to deploy their resources along with a huge network of specialists in the UK and elsewhere to assist those who wish to create or build a personal business, develop their business and probably most importantly, discover, design and develop a new business or personal life strategy.