What is 5th Dimensional Healing?

by Kathy Maslowski

5th Dimensional Healing is about understanding that your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has previously permitted you to believe.

Up until now we have been living in the third dimension and healing has been 3 dimensional by being grounded into the Earth with the energy flowing through us which healers then cause to flow out to heal and protect.

5th Dimensional Healing is about being grounded in the heart. This brings more peaceful feelings as we are not then picking up chaotic energy from the earth or from the collective spirit, as this can make us feel unbalanced or anxious – or just feel ‘off’

It teaches you to have a relationship with your body and soul and that we are not separate from these as we have been taught. Quantum physics teaches us that we are connected to all things.

I train people to communicate with their body and soul and how to talk to parts of their bodies that require any form of healing.

It helps us to realise that our thoughts & beliefs have an effect on our state of mind and body, it helps us to fulfil all of our potential, and work in our own unique light!

I can show you how, and directly help you, to deepen your connection with the subtle realms.

As a result, not only does this uplift our ‘selves’, but it also gives the Earth a very much needed lift as well, and in turn, helps humanity as a whole.

We are multi-dimensional beings and exist in all dimensions as an expression of one another.

Benefits of 5th Dimensional Healing

How it affects you and can help you

For some time now there has been a transition going on, an energetic shift. Some people have been aware of this, some haven’t. Some have felt this at some level. Some have felt dissatisfied with their life, that the course they’re on isn’t right.

It helps you to take personal responsibility in your life for your health and every thought, word and deed.

It helps you to understand any illness’s you may have, and helps with your personal development, healing the self, becoming more grounded, understanding your own energy and body, becoming more spiritual and more aware.

It helps you to become a better person that can help create a better world.

Even if you’re not working as a therapist and healing other people, it will still have a positive knock on effect on you and others around you creating a ripple effect.

Up until now, we have been made to feel and believe that our health, and particularly healing of diseases and other damage to our bodies, is not in our hands,

But now, as we move into the 5th Dimension we learn that we do have a say in these things and not only that, we learn how to take control by having a true relationship with our body and learning that we can assist in our own healing.

5th Dimensional Healing helps you by getting you on a different frequency.

Life isn’t just about the physical body and world that we see and hear with our physical senses, there are other dimensions and energy fields which are a source of existence for this physical world and it’s this you’ll be learning about, and, you’ll be awakening yourself to unseen energy.

You’ll understand and realise that there is a whole new world of existence beyond this physical world and I can show you how to access that.

When you are devoted to spending more time with your soul, and letting it guide you, you’ll find that you’re living a life that is in alignment with Who You Are at soul level, and that you light up the world with your unique presence.

It helps you realise that you have control over your world and that the weather, the news, the negativity, everything that’s going on doesn’t. You can create your life through design.

You’ll evolve a deeper connection to spirit and the chance to use your innate spiritual gifts. You’ll learn not to be afraid of being judged for your beliefs.

I can teach you to live your life through design and not default as you are more than you have ever imagined.

I can help you tap into your innate extraordinary abilities.

Kathy Maslowski

Note: 5th Dimensional Healing® is a registered trademark of Bright Flower Therapies Ltd and Kathy Maslowski

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