What is the 5th Dimension?

by Kathy Maslowski

The 5th Dimension is an ‘energetic super highway’ that resides outside of time and space – beyond the 4th dimension.

It’s about realising the immense power of your own soul to take you where you want to go – the energy of your soul working in harmony with the energy of the universal soul.

I train people to tap into that and it’s something that only develops over time. It’s about tapping into insights that have been dormant within you that help with your life, health, wealth, and wellbeing.

Right now, there is a 5th Dimensional Transition going on for the Earth and for all of us. By working with the 5th dimension we empower ourselves, by allowing the light to flow through us more fully. It’s a higher vibration that is now coming to the planet.

It’s about understanding that we need to be the light within ourselves and not depend or rely on another human being, spiritual being or otherwise for our own growth. It’s about taking more responsibility for our lives.

When we access, live, and heal in the 5th dimension, we are evolving our energy, becoming and being the light in a direct and independent manner, and building an inner trust with ourselves.

What this means for you when you engage with the 5th dimension, is that you’ll begin to become more in tune with your ‘self’, to feel ‘psychic’, to ‘sense’ things, to recognise that ‘gut feeling’, and to develop an extra-sensory perception or just that ‘knowing’ feeling.

All this needs to be nurtured and I can help you with that.

It’s all about the technique of being grounded in the heart rather than the earth. It’s understanding that our hearts are like a portal of wisdom, love, guidance and support.

We learn to be the masters of ourselves and come to recognise that we are multi-dimensional beings.

When you understand all this and take it on board, you’ll discover a greater you. as you and I know, as we help ourselves we also directly and indirectly help others and the whole thing begins to spread through in our world like a ripple effect.

By far the simplest way to engage with the 5th Dimension is through undertaking a programme of 5th Dimensional Healing and that’s what I’m going to explain next.

Kathy Maslowski

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