5th Dimensional Healing as a Therapy

by Kathy Maslowski

How 5th Dimensional Healing Helps Me as a Therapist

  • It helped me come out of my spiritual closet!
  • It helps me channel insights that I see and feel.

As I’m working with my clients I can feel their energy, see into their childhood experiences, identify traumas that may be blocking their energy from flowing and see into past lives.

I can perform psychic surgery and channel healing energy to them, have spirit communication and guidance.

It helps me to Identify, recognise and understand them in a healing capacity.

It helps me to assist others in their advancement, through training people to do the same thing, as helping others achieve success helps us all become more successful in the world.

It’s helped me to help people find their happiness and in doing this It brings me happiness too which is one of the purposes of my human life.

It helps me to work effectively with cancer patients and for people with additional needs such as ADHD.

It helps me to assist the earth through earth healing.

It’s also helped me grow and I have learnt the most through serving my clients.

It helped me to be disciplined, as the trick to strengthening your intuitive muscles is to be disciplined and to work them.

All this I can help you do.

How it helps your clients

As a therapist developing these skills it can help you give more value to clients, serve your clients better and give a good quality healing which helps them tap into their hearts wisdom, which improves their decision-making.

It adds wider & deeper depth to your understanding and will improve your business. It will also teach your clients to take personal responsibility for their health. It teaches clients that they are multi dimensional beings.

It aids in their recovery and helps them to understand the bigger picture of their illnesses.

It is extremely relaxing, peaceful, and gives relief from physical discomfort.

Your clients want that, they want to feel heard & understood.

  • It helps them, through you, feel valued
  • It helps them, through you, know that they matter

As therapists we don’t always know what they’ve been through or what they’re coming to us for – and sometimes they don’t always know either.

They just feel with their intuition they need to have a treatment and that opens the door for you to help them in this very special way.

Kathy Maslowski

Note: 5th Dimensional Healing® is a registered trademark of Bright Flower Therapies Ltd and Kathy Maslowski

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