What Are the Dimensions?

by Ben Coker

First of all, a ‘dimension’ is just a concept.

It helps us to understand the Universe and how it ‘works’ – dimensions as such don’t really ‘exist’ in their own right.

Now we’re all familiar with the ‘three dimensions’ of length, height, and depth – but what do they represent?

Most people think they understand this and we all know what a ‘three dimensional ‘object’ looks like so let’s start there and work downwards.

The 3rd Dimension symbolises our physical existence and the existence of all the objects we deal with. Everything has a certain ‘size’ and ‘shape’ although these can vary according to the measuring system used.

However, a three-dimensional object cannot exist on its own – more of that later.

The 2nd Dimension has only length and height – it is ‘flat’ and most people would consider a picture or drawing to be two dimensional.

If, however the image is on a canvas or a sheet of paper it becomes a three-dimensional object as the medium on which it appears has depth – it’s only the image itself that is two dimensional.

OK, that’s the easy bit – but what about the 1st Dimension?

The 1st Dimension is just a ‘point’ – an infinitesimally small point – in fact it cannot have any ‘size’ otherwise it would be two-dimensional.

But every two-dimensional or three-dimensional ‘thing’ is made up of an infinite number of ‘points’. The one-dimensional points ‘exist’ but they cannot individually be ‘seen’

The nearest example is the two-dimensional image on your computer screen made up of millions of pixels. In most cases you can’t see the individual pixels, but they aren’t one-dimensional because they too, have a size.

This takes some getting hold of but neither the second or third dimensions could exist without the first.

Now let’s look in the other direction, which is where it starts to get even more confusing.

The 4th Dimension has been described in two ways (and several more from time to time).

Einstein considered the 4th dimension as ‘space-time’ later the ‘space-time continuum’ because every three dimensional ‘thing’ can only exist in space and at a given time. If it were not for the fourth dimension the other dimensions would have nowhere to actually ‘be’ and therefore could not ‘exist’.

There are probably as many mathematical definitions of the fourth dimension as there are theoretical mathematicians, but let’s consider the meaning of this.

The 4th Dimension is also seen as ‘awareness’, ‘consciousness’ or ‘thought’. Now coming back to the three-dimensional object – how do you and I ‘know’ that the object is ‘there’, unless we are actually in the fourth dimension observing it?

Everything exists in and consists mostly of, space, and everything exists in ‘time’ as well, because nothing exists for ‘ever’.

If indeed there is such a thing as ‘time’ or such a thing as ‘ever’!

You and I exist as three-dimensional beings with a fourth dimensional aspect – awareness of ourselves in space and time.

In the first Life Mastery Matters newsletter Kathy Maslowski explained the next of the dimensions –

The 5th Dimension is the first dimension of the Soul and as Kathy said, the first dimension of the “energetic super highway that resides out of time and space, beyond the 4th dimension”.

It’s rapidly coming to be accepted in the scientific community, spurred on by the work of the late Prof. Stephen Hawking, that everything in the Universe and the Universe itself exists entirely and only of energy.

Energy in space.

And that includes the Soul – thought and awareness are also energy – some call it light or love, and at the ‘higher level’ people talk of the Universe, Source, the Force, God, and many other names for the same thing – the ‘Higher Power’ or ‘Divine Energy’.

Everything is energy and there are several dimension of it – the fifth-dimension is the first level, but is often used as a ‘catch all’ for the other energetic dimensions beyond it.

This has been just an introduction to the workings of the Universe. Later we can look at Space and Time, at Movement, at Self and Community, and at the ‘journey’ between and across dimensions.